There are a lot of people– especially older individuals– that actually intend to interact with household and also pals and also interact with other individuals online. Unfortunately, computer system technology remains an extremely actual obstacle for them. Even standard computer terminology like documents transfers, blogging, gushes … it all seems like an international language to a really big component of the population.

In an effort to help bridge the technical void, I went out in search of free, high-grade online resources that can really help by supplying tutorials and also information about computer system fundamentals.

However, there’s a lot of black out there– go-getters attempting to sell a DVD that will “show you computers” for $29.95. Don’t stress– there are a lot of sources on computer system essentials that you could utilize to come up to speed with computers that are absolutely totally free. I suggest the following 10 websites for the computer system illiterate.

Jan’s Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

The very first site I would love to discuss is called Jan’s Illustrated Computer system Literacy 101. After first landing on the site I assumed it was from the 1990’s. The style is a bit out-of-date and the some of the graphics are cheesy, yet after checking out the website you’ll see that Jan supplies helpful guideline that actually will educate computer systems to someone who definitely has no hint just how computer systems work.

Custom Guide PDF Quick Reference Guide

Another very cool resource I found was a PDF quick reference guide from Custom Guide. While the site sells business training courses, it also offers this very useful two-page quick reference for novice computer users.

If you know anyone in your life that you’ve had to explain countless times how to copy files or the correct way to minimize or maximize a window – print out this PDF and give it to them. They’ll never have to ask again!

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Computer Basics & Beyond

Next up is Computer Basics and Beyond. This site covers basic tips on computer maintenance, Internet browsing, security and more. There isn’t a lot of material, but for someone that is looking for very short, straightforward answers to basic computer issues, this will do the job.

Microsoft’s Digital Literacy

Probably the most professionally done resource to learn computer basics comes directly from Microsoft at the Digital Literacy site. Here, you’ll find  three “curriculum” levels – basic, standard and advanced. Each curriculum level provides a few tutorial videos that will walk the user through a list of lessons.

Senior’s Guide To Computers

If you know an elderly person that is constantly getting frustrated while trying to use the Internet, point them to the Senior’s Guide to Computers website. It’s not a joke – it’s actually a website devoted to providing technical information about computers and the Internet in a manner that older folks will be able to understand.

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