The Knowledge Lab (Asia) was created in 2016, headquartered in Singapore.

The mission of this lab and the research group is to invent new ideas and creatively translate modern technologies into new practical solutions that improve people’s lives and enable human being to enhance their lives throughout their lifespan.

In Knowledge Lab (Asia), equal to the need for new ideas and new technologies is the belief that Innovations in how products are designed, services are delivered, or policies are implemented are of critical importance to our quality of life tomorrow. Hence, we also focus on how the operations work.

The Knowledge Lab (Asia) is a cross-industries research laboratory that works with researchers, business, government, and NGOs to improve the quality of life of people.

The Knowledge Lab (Asia) adopts users-centered design and thinking to understand more about the challenges and opportunities of human behavior and lifestyles and to create and invent new design and products that suitable for the entire markets.