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Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

-6 hours
-3 hrs per day
-Tue & Wed
-2 to 5 pm


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Course Overview

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Learn the SEO technique together with website design skill set, which  needed to help boost your website AND getting index and rank in Google search results with the related search terms. Generates targeted traffic, leads, and conversions for your online marketing campaign. Remember every site has different SEO needs, it’s not easy to get your SEO started on the right foot. Get the training today. It all started with keywords and links but before your class, you could get some nuggets with the simple tactics to jump start first your SEO:
  • Implement Basic Content
  • Eliminate Duplicate Content
  • Optimize Your Tags
  • Check & Improve Your Navigation
  • Increase Site Speed
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
By fixing the above list of issues, you’re giving your website a solid foundation. It’s on that foundation that the rest of your web marketing efforts will be built strongly and effectively.   Does your website attract the right type of visitors? Learn to run a detailed SEO Analysis Report with numerous tools to evaluate how strong your web site’s SEO is. We look at both on-site and off-site SEO and analyze the following:
  • On-site SEO. First we analyze the website coding, meta tags, accessibility for search robots, website structure, page optimization, optimization of non-text elements, social connections and sharing. All your online marketing efforts are jeopardized without proper on-site SEO.
  • Off-site SEO – Checking out the site positions in search results, social media presence, number of incoming links and websites that are referring to the site.
  • Keyword evaluation. Even the first position in the Google search results won’t bring you visitors or initially sales leads if it is optimized for the wrong keyword.
  • Analytics reports – Web analytics reports offer valuable information about how people find and navigate your site. This information is put against your goals and helps us identify gaps in your SEO strategy.
Content includes the following sessions as well as a real life website development applying the technique you learn in the class.
  1. What is Search engine optimization?
  2. Why seo is important for business?
  3. What are the important key points of SEO?
  4. How search engines work
  5. How to make an awesome website?
  6. Create website structure that Google love
  7. User friendly design and quality content
  8. Master keywords research
  9. The essential SEO process
  10. Which is the best software to build website?
  11. Do I need to learn how to code?
  12. How long do I need to learn developing a website?
  13. Can I really be able to build a website and rank it with SEO techniques?
  14. How many keywords should I target?
  15. How long can I expect to see the keyword ranking result?
  16. Can I replicate the whole process on my own?
  17. List of free SEO tools and keywords analytic process
  18. Technical checklist for the optimization works



What Imperial Knowledge Lab Will Provid?

The following will be provided in the our courses:

  1. WiFi internet connection
  2. Course materials
  3. Small group coaching with Imperial Program’s trainers
  4. Certificate of Attendance (if students attend more than 80% of the scheduled time)

Why Knowledge Lab’s Courses?

At the end of the day, you can expect to go home supercharged with all those valuable, golden nuggets of information and knowledge that we will impart to you and you’ll find that suddenly, everything you were scratching your head about trying to DIY (rather unsuccessfully) the previous sleepless night will seem like common sense.